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The old Republican Palace (Hakimadaria Palace) in Sudan By Dr. Emad Agwa.


This beautiful white palace that located in southern bank of Blue Nile is fist building that the Governors Mohammed Ali Basha built to be their residence in their new capital city of Khartoum, Hakimadar Mahu Bik Ourfly (1825- 1826 AD) was put the first building of palace which consisted with mud shaped as rectangle allocated as the headquarters for the management of the rule of Sudan and his residence was known as (Saray Hakimadaria).


In Era of khurshid Pasha (1826- 1838 AD) some additions and improvements were put to the building of Palace and completed in 1834.He also established the province building and conveyed to it the offices and the interests of the state administration.


Hakimadar Abullatif Pasha Abdalla (1849- 1851) destroyed the mud building and re-build it in 1851 by using ricks which transported from the remains of runs of the ancient city of Soba and some old building, the new Sarays consists from two floor with the sandstone from outside and has special pavilion for visitors and other one for women, and it surrounded by gardens with different types of trees like palm and grapes. The building o the Palace took more than two years from 1850 to 1852 AD.


The palace remained location to General Hakimadar of Sudan until the time of Mahdia revaluation  (1885- 1898 AD)  when the  General Hakimadar was defeated by Mahdi and the capital city transferred to Omdurman on western bank of the Nile.


During the period of English Egyptian colonialism (1898- 31decmber 1955 AD) Khartoum was re-built again to be the capital city by Herbert Kitchener Pasha , and he was the first Governor- General  of Sudan to re-built the palace in 1899 AD. He built the destroyed palace on the stone shape, and a large part of palace building was completed in 1900 AD, and the second Governor Sir Reginald Wingate settled in it and completed the rest of general planning for the palace establishment and its annexes by the year 1906.

And was erected with the red brick (brick), but the corners were built by sandstone, and its sides built with carved white stones.

The palace is consists of a ground floor and two floors and three pavilions, a major pavilion is faces blue Nile and extends east and west, wing to the right and other in lift structuring from the major pavilion towards south, and the whole constriction represents a half of an square, the General Governor’s palace remained general headquarters and the residence of the governor general of Sudan during all the periods of English Egyptian colonization, the total space of the palace in this period reached  74000 square meters.

Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim Abdu slim mentioning that the palace has built in gentoo style which borrowed from the Catholic Church buildings a- style that was popular in Italy in 19th century AD.

And the most beautiful component of the palace is the garden which considered the pioneer of the horticultural art in Sudan, the official ceremonies were held there, such as birthday of the kings of Egypt and British and the annual memorial of their being kings. And it consists rare types of plants and trees.

Egyptian and English flags were raised in the palace after they defeated the Mahdis revaluation the

Egyptian flag was put in lift side where the English one was put in right side. And the other annexes of the palace are guard site, car garage horse stable mosque and church.

There was a need for an establishment of a new presidential palace, it was agreed to establish a new presidential palace during the visit of Chinese president Hujeen Taw to Sudan in 2007 AD, the work on project began in march 2011, and it was officially inaugurated on the night of 26th of January 2015 AD, the flag was raised over the sary of presidential palace to announce the moving of the leadership of the presidency to the new presidential palace.

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