Friday, December 2The voice of the voiceless

His Excellency the Head of the Rwandan Diplomatic Mission accredited to Khartoum.

Gentlemen, welcome the ambassadors, charge d’Affaires and representatives of diplomatic missions and international and regional organizations.

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished guests,

In my honor, on behalf of myself and on behalf of the government and people of the Republic of Sudan, participating in the remembrance of the human massacres that were committed in Rwanda 28 years ago. There is no doubt that commemorating this memory is a remembrance of the pain of the victims and mourning for the souls of mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, friends and relatives whose blood was shed without any crime.

It is important, as we celebrate this commemoration annually, in honor of the souls of the martyrs, and to prevent it from happening in the future, to work together to combat hate speech, violence, fear of foreigners, marginalization of the other, and striving to respect human rights. We commend the Rwandan leadership in healing the wounds of the past and working towards the success of civil reconciliations and the prosecution of the perpetrators of crimes.

Rwanda today has become a role model in the continent, and we should not forget the development that has been achieved and the comprehensive renaissance that the world is witnessing.

We in Sudan are in dire need of benefiting from the Rwandan experience in reconciliation and economic development. We also commend Rwanda’s experience in establishing a fledgling Ministry of National Unity with the aim of strengthening the elements of national unity through educational curricula and programs and preserving the memory of the genocide in order to prevent its recurrence in the future.

In this remembrance, we renew the covenant with the principle of non-impunity, the rule of law, respect for human rights and the formation of institutions entrusted with this, in addition to freedom of opinion and expression and social justice. To benefit from that experience in the field of societal reconciliations, strengthening the role of women and youth, and national building.

In conclusion, I confirm Sudan’s sincere desire to intensify cooperation with the sister Republic of Rwanda in order to achieve national reconciliation and economic well-being for our two peoples and the peoples of the region.

Thank you for your good attention.

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